Sun eater tote bag
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I was inspired by a Thai buddhist legend, Phra Rahu who is the demon causing eclipses. He is also a symbol of protection against bad luck and of getting back control of our lives.
I am really fascinated by this figure as it shows a rather disturbing image of a demon eating the sun. But while researching I found out that it has a rather positive meaning and I wanted to depict it in my own way as I love all things that are not black and white. Something beautiful can be scary and something disturbing can be a positive force in Life.

Artist: Catherine

Catherine is a French-Thai illustrator, the creative force behind the colorful visual project Rubbish Cartoon, which stemmed from “an irrepressible need” to express my fascination with life and its absurdities through “bright, obnoxious colors.” Her works often venture into themes of philosophy, existence, and the unknown. She like to temper these ideas with the childlike vibrance of Pop Art.
Artist: Catherine
Type: Tote Bag
Size: M (W: 35cm H:40cm)
Fabric: High quality cotton linen twill
Material: Cotton, Linen
Printing Method: Heat transfer printing
Details: Using heat transfer technology printing to print illustrations on eco-friendly tote bags with inner pocket is a great choice, whether you want to use them as stylish and personalized fashion accessories or as gifts for someone you like.