Watch more sunsets than netflix wall canvas
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we often spend our lives on the couch, watching Tv or on our smartphone. We are following and living the lives of others, but we forget to live our own life. Because this is the only real thing. The aim of this artwork is to encourage myself and everybody else, to go out, and look at all the beauty of the real world. Time spent outdoors, watching sunset for example, is so much better spent than watching Tv at home.

Artist: Katarina Lajcakova

Designer with passion for illustration. My art is strongly inspired by nature, outdoor lifestyle and travelling. I draw what I live. There is a story behind every piece of my art.
Artist: Katarina Lajcakova
Type: Wall Canvas
Size: 5
Canvas Weight: ~ 3kg
Fabric: 320g Heavy Weight Canvas
Material: Polymer Outside Frame & Solid Wood Inner Frame ( 35mm thick & 8mm wide )
Printing Method: High precision micro spray