Letting go - Home Kong wall canvas
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Letting Go No. 1 was painted when I first left Hong Kong long-term to pursue my career in illustration. It’s a vent piece and records a time of fear and discomfort while I learned to get used to individual life– I feared true autonomy and independence but it was also all I wanted. This piece would become very formative, it helped me set my intentions as an artist to be free and years later, I would subconsciously continue to work in this colour palette and with similar patterns.

Artist: Chris Cheung

Born in Hong Kong, Chris Cheung is a designer who graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design. Her interest in people and their human complexities began when she worked with children with dyslexia in a summer illustration program, where hidden inner worlds were explored through art and conversation. Chris Cheung’s style developed from a practice of traditional inking into a digital process that emulates the same textures. Her portfolio includes work in editorial illustrations, print advertising and short animations. “My art explores my understanding of myself and my making sense of the world. My identity is directly connected to my art and I see art as a flow of consciousness and a record of my own reflections. My favourite thing to design are my characters, usually the goal in mind is to make myself laugh as I draw. That genuine joy is something I want to share with the viewer. I create playful characters that have a childlike simplicity, and are full of attitudes and loud personalities. These are some traits in people I’m most fond of so I create characters that mirror that. People are complex and full of contradictions, yet there is a happiness and peace in understanding that. This is the type of acceptance I want to share to my viewers through my art.”
Artist: Chris Cheung
Type: Wall Canvas
Size: 5
Canvas Weight: ~ 3kg
Fabric: 320g Heavy Weight Canvas
Material: Polymer Outside Frame & Solid Wood Inner Frame ( 35mm thick & 8mm wide )
Printing Method: High precision micro spray