Le voyage wall canvas
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Desert is a piece I made while experimenting with colors and sunsets. Most of my pieces are starting with color palettes and develop from there with experimenting.

Artist: Nathalie Ouederni

Nathalie is a French illustrator living in sunny Barcelona. She loves to choose vibrant colours to illustrate sceneries and patterns inspired by nature, animals and beautiful landscapes of the world. She works with various clients like publishing houses or magazines, packaging brands, etc. and also runs an online shop where she sells her own illustrated calendars, notebooks, cards and posters.
Artist: Nathalie Ouederni
Type: Wall Canvas
Size: 5
Canvas Weight: ~ 3kg
Fabric: 320g Heavy Weight Canvas
Material: Polymer Outside Frame & Solid Wood Inner Frame ( 35mm thick & 8mm wide )
Printing Method: High precision micro spray