Flower collection pattern tote bag
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Introducing the Flower Collection Pattern Tote Bag, a fashionable and eco-friendly choice. Made from durable and reusable cotton linen twill, it's perfect for shopping and everyday use.

This unique tote bag features a soft pink base with wooden frames and potted plant patterns in red, yellow, and blue, this bag showcases a unique combination of fashion and nature.

Versatile and stylish, this tote bag can be used for fashion, shopping, or as a work and office bag. Its eco-friendly design aligns with your commitment to the environment. It's also a great gift option and ideal for exchanges.

Join the eco-friendly movement and make a difference with the Flower Collection Pattern Tote Bag. Perfect for creative individuals, fashion enthusiasts, and conscious shoppers.

Note: Proudly made in Hong Kong.

Artist: Summerizze

Summerizze is an illustrator based in Indonesia. She loves to create visual impactful illustrations that resonances with her viewers
Artist: Summerizze
Type: Tote Bag
Size: M (W: 35cm H:40cm)
Fabric: High quality cotton linen twill
Material: Cotton, Linen
Printing Method: Heat transfer printing
Details: Using heat transfer technology printing to print illustrations on eco-friendly tote bags with inner pocket is a great choice, whether you want to use them as stylish and personalized fashion accessories or as gifts for someone you like.