Flames of Surprise Tote Bag
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It represents the unexpected and exhilarating moments in life. It captures the essence of surprise, spontaneity, and excitement. The design may feature vibrant and dynamic flames, symbolizing the sparks of surprise that ignite our spirits and ignite new possibilities. It serves as a reminder to embrace the unexpected with open arms, to embrace the thrill of surprises, and to embrace the transformative power of spontaneity.

Artist: Niklas Block

The artist name is Niklas Block. He is a German designer living in Karlsruhe, south-west of Germany. He has been exploring design and art since he has started my apprenticeship in 2013 and never stoped. Either in his professional field as UX Designer or in his spare time. Toy 4 Life.🎨 Next to his full-time job as UX Designer he draw without any compromises. Not worrying about canvas sizes, materials and colors, experimentation comes first. The outcome are most likely mixed media, collages with various materials, like crayons, chalk, ink, ballpoint pens, pencil, acryl or spray can. He also work with different printing methods like silk screen printing, risographys and digital prints. Also he is an Initiator of einszuwurzelzwei, a poster club for creatives with only two rules.
Artist: Niklas Block
Type: Tote Bag
Size: M (W: 35cm H:40cm)
Fabric: High quality cotton linen twill
Material: Cotton, Linen
Printing Method: Heat transfer printing
Details: Using heat transfer technology printing to print illustrations on eco-friendly tote bags with inner pocket is a great choice, whether you want to use them as stylish and personalized fashion accessories or as gifts for someone you like.