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This design is meant to showcase the struggles of other people. Not everyone has the same opportunities and resources and it's critical to recognise that and have empathy for others. People are quick to judge based on appearances but there is often more to the story. The racoon has clearly had it rough and faced harsh criticism for it, so instead of begging for money or food, he simply wants you to "Eaz Up" and understand him and his story.

Artist: Dalton Latham

Dalton Latham is a multimedia artist from Southwest Oklahoma, USA who specializes in Digital Art. His whimsical, offbeat style often features darker, grungy concepts with a contrasting use of bright colors that pop off of the screen. Dalton has been drawing since he can remember, and derives a great deal of inspiration from music, especially classic rock. He believes in using beauty through clean lines and simplicity to portray more intricate concepts that challenge your ways of thinking and exploring new ideas.
Artist: Dalton Latham
Type: Tote Bag
Size: M (W: 35cm H:40cm)
Fabric: High quality cotton linen twill
Material: Cotton, Linen
Printing Method: Heat transfer printing
Details: Using heat transfer technology printing to print illustrations on eco-friendly tote bags with inner pocket is a great choice, whether you want to use them as stylish and personalized fashion accessories or as gifts for someone you like.