Cycle reshape wall canvas
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My starting point is basically nature; mobility and endless energy, which are the basis of our existence.
Mobility brings sudden changes. Therefore, my working process is also shaped by itself.

Artist: Güneş Özmen

Güneş Özmen's art education, which started in his high school life, continued at the university. After completing his undergraduate and graduate studies at Mimar Sinan University, Department of Fine Arts, he studied fresco in Italy. When he returned to Istanbul, he continued my professional art life in his own artstudio. In addition to art, which continues with his participation in personal exhibitions and art fairs, he also give training as a lecturer in certain institutions on the basic rules of art, art disciplines and basic art education, design elements and definitions.
Artist: Güneş Özmen
Type: Wall Canvas
Size: 5
Canvas Weight: ~ 3kg
Fabric: 320g Heavy Weight Canvas
Material: Polymer Outside Frame & Solid Wood Inner Frame ( 35mm thick & 8mm wide )
Printing Method: High precision micro spray